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Updated: 23-July-07
Partial ProIdentify™ Eligibility Payer List
Payer Name Payer ID Enroll* Reqd Record Type
Acordia National 00320 Yes Eligibility
Aetna 00002   Eligibility
Aetna Long Term Care 00225   Eligibility
Alameda Alliance Health Plan 00321   Eligibility
AMC - Alaska Electrical Health and Welfare Fund 00286   Eligibility
AMC - American General Life & Accident 00237   Eligibility
AMC - Health Future 00246   Eligibility
AMC - Poly America 00244   Eligibility
AMC - Touchstone 00265   Eligibility
AMC - Touchstone PSO 00078   Eligibility
American Community Mutual     00433   Eligibility
American Postal Workers Union (APWU) 00360   Eligibility
American Republic (ARIC) 00224   Eligibility
AmeriChoice of New Jersey, Inc. 00091   Eligibility
Ameritas - First Ameritas of New York 00426   Eligibility
Ameritas - First Reliance Standard Life 00428   Eligibility
Ameritas - Reliance Standard Life Ins Co 00427   Eligibility
Ameritas - Standard Ins Co 00429   Eligibility
Ameritas - Standard Ins of NY 00430   Eligibility
Ameritas Life Insurance Co. 00425   Eligibility
Arizona Physicians IPA - APIPA 00322   Eligibility
AvMed, Inc. 00370   Eligibility
BCBS - Alabama  00266 Yes Eligibility
BCBS - Arizona  00090 Yes Eligibility
BCBS - Colorado 00418   Eligibility
BCBS - Florida  00267 Yes Eligibility
BCBS - Georgia 00151 Yes Eligibility
BCBS - Illinois  00268 Yes Eligibility
BCBS - Louisiana  00083   Eligibility
BCBS - Massachusetts 00139   Eligibility
BCBS - Minnesota 00269 Yes Eligibility
BCBS - Mississippi 00075   Eligibility
BCBS - Nevada (Anthem West) 00418   Eligibility
BCBS - New Jersey (Horizon) 00087   Eligibility
BCBS - New Jersey (Horizon) 00087   Eligibility
BCBS - New Mexico 00270 Yes Eligibility
BCBS - New York (Empire) 00044   Eligibility
BCBS - Oregon BCORC   Eligibility
BCBS - Texas 00271 Yes Eligibility
BCBS - Wellchoice of NJ 00044   Eligibility
Blue Cross - California 00039 Yes Eligibility
Blue Shield - California 00361   Eligibility
Blue Shield - Washington BSWAC   Eligibility
Carelink Medicaid 00182   Eligibility
CarePlus Health Plan 00324 Yes Eligibility
ChampVA - HAC 00232   Eligibility
CIGNA 00001   Eligibility
Cimarron Health Plan (commercial) 00419 Yes Eligibility
Colorado Access    00060   Eligibility
Connecticut General 00001   Eligibility
Connecticut Medicaid AID24   Eligibility
Cooperative Benefit Administrators (CBA) 00223   Eligibility
CoreSource FMH  00204   Eligibility
CoreSource of AZ, MN 00234   Eligibility
CoreSource of Little Rock 00205   Eligibility
CoreSource of MD, PA, IL 00236   Eligibility
CoreSource of NC, IN 00238   Eligibility
CoreSource of OH 00239   Eligibility
Covenant Health (TennCare) 00362   Eligibility
Covenant Health Cariten Medicare 00363   Eligibility
Coventry Altius Health Plan 00364   Eligibility
Coventry Diamond Plan 00177   Eligibility
Coventry Group Health Plan - CMR 00184   Eligibility
Coventry Health and Life (Oklahoma) 00441   Eligibility
Coventry Health Care Carelink Advantra  00160   Eligibility
Coventry Health Care Carenet 00190   Eligibility
Coventry Health Care Cariten Healthcare 00291   Eligibility
Coventry Health Care of Delaware, Inc 00166   Eligibility
Coventry Health Care of Georgia 00154   Eligibility
Coventry Health Care of Iowa, Inc 00170   Eligibility
Coventry Health Care of Kansas, Inc - Kansas City 00172   Eligibility
Coventry Health Care of Kansas, Inc - Wichita 00174   Eligibility
Coventry Health Care of Louisiana, Inc 00158   Eligibility
Coventry Health Care of Nebraska, Inc 00176   Eligibility
Coventry HealthAmerica & HealthAssurance 00148   Eligibility
Coventry HealthCare (Promina) 00193   Eligibility
Coventry Healthcare USA 00186   Eligibility
Coventry OmniCare (Michigan) 00413   Eligibility
Coventry PersonalCare 00179   Eligibility
Coventry Southern Health Services 00156   Eligibility
Coventry Wellpath Select (Carolinas) 00164   Eligibility
Directors Guild of America - Producers 00259   Eligibility
Ecom PPO (Consolidated Railroad) 00261   Eligibility
Ecom PPO (Linn County) 00264   Eligibility
Equicor - Pro - United Healthcare 00001   Eligibility
Equicor - United Healthcare 00001   Eligibility
Erin Group Administrators 00191   Eligibility
Evercare - United Healthcare 00112   Eligibility
Fallon Health Plan 00272   Eligibility
Federated Insurance Company 00262   Eligibility
First Health 00250   Eligibility
First Health (Mail Handlers) 00251   Eligibility
Fortis - FBIC 00253   Eligibility
Fortis - FIC 00252   Eligibility
Fortis - John Alden Life 00254   Eligibility
Fortis Benefits Insurance Company 00253   Eligibility
Glassman (Aftra Health Fund) 00258   Eligibility
Glassman (Best Life & Health Ins Co) 00257   Eligibility
Glassman (Director's Guild) 00259   Eligibility
Glassman (Writer's Guild) 00260   Eligibility
Great West Healthcare 00328   Eligibility
Group Benefit Administrators (Hendersonville, TN) 00209   Eligibility
Health Choice (Arizona) 00329   Eligibility
Health Choice Memphis 00079   Eligibility
Health Net Medi-Cal 00330   Eligibility
Health Net of California 00331   Eligibility
Health Net of Oregon 00332   Eligibility
Health Net of the Northeast and Arizona 00213   Eligibility
Health Partners of Philadelphia 00288   Eligibility
Healthfirst New York 00240   Eligibility
Humana Employers Health Ins (including Humana Dental) 00041   Eligibility
Humana Inc 00041   Eligibility
Inland Empire Health Plan 00333   Eligibility
InterValley Health Plan 00334   Eligibility
JMH Health Plan 00336   Eligibility
John Alden Life Insurance Co 00254   Eligibility
John Deere Health Plan 00335   Eligibility
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan - Colorado 00277   Eligibility
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan - Hawaii 00278   Eligibility
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan - Mid-Atlantic 00273   Eligibility
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan - N California 00282   Eligibility
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan - Ohio 00280   Eligibility
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Northwest 00279   Eligibility
Kaiser Permanente of Georgia 00281   Eligibility
Kaiser Permanente of Northern California 00282   Eligibility
Kaiser Permanente of Southern California 00283   Eligibility
Lovelace Health Plan 00323   Eligibility
Lumenos, Inc 00366   Eligibility
MAMSI Health Plan 00337   Eligibility
Maricopa Integrated Health System 00338   Eligibility
Medica 00404   Eligibility
Medicaid - Alabama AID40   Eligibility
Medicaid - Arizona AID37   Eligibility
Medicaid - Arkansas AID26   Eligibility
Medicaid - California MediCal AID11   Eligibility
Medicaid - Colorado AID14   Eligibility
Medicaid - District of Columbia AID52   Eligibility
Medicaid - Florida AID01 Yes Eligibility
Medicaid - Georgia AID15   Eligibility
Medicaid - Hawaii AID53   Eligibility
Medicaid - Idaho AID35   Eligibility
Medicaid - Illinois (IDPA) AID16   Eligibility
Medicaid - Iowa AID36   Eligibility
Medicaid - Kansas AID22   Eligibility
Medicaid - Kentucky AID31   Eligibility
Medicaid - Louisiana AID42   Eligibility
Medicaid - Maine AID54   Eligibility
Medicaid - Massachusetts AID45   Eligibility
Medicaid - Michigan, Dept of Community Health AID56   Eligibility
Medicaid - Michigan, Dept of Community Health - Medical Services Admin AID55   Eligibility
Medicaid - Minnesota AID38   Eligibility
Medicaid - Mississippi AID20   Eligibility
Medicaid - Missouri AID03   Eligibility
Medicaid - Montana DPHHS/Health Policy Services Division AID57   Eligibility
Medicaid - Nevada First Health AID58   Eligibility
Medicaid - New Hampshire AID47   Eligibility
Medicaid - New Jersey AID19   Eligibility
Medicaid - New Mexico AID27   Eligibility
Medicaid - New York AID18 Yes Eligibility
Medicaid - North Carolina AID21   Eligibility
Medicaid - North Dakota AID59   Eligibility
Medicaid - Ohio AID09   Eligibility
Medicaid - Oklahoma AID32   Eligibility
Medicaid - Oregon AID44   Eligibility
Medicaid - Pennsylvania AID29   Eligibility
Medicaid - Puerto Rico AID60   Eligibility
Medicaid - South Carolina DHHS AID61   Eligibility
Medicaid - South Dakota AID28   Eligibility
Medicaid - Tennessee AID13   Eligibility
Medicaid - Texas AID05   Eligibility
Medicaid - Vermont AID30 Yes Eligibility
Medicaid - Virginia AID23   Eligibility
Medicaid - Washington AID07   Eligibility
Medicaid - West Virginia AID33   Eligibility
Medicaid - Wisconsin AID41   Eligibility
Medicaid - Wyoming AID34   Eligibility
Medical Mutual of OH 00211   Eligibility
Medicare Part A & B (all states) 00431   Eligibility
Mega Life (Chesapeake National Life) 00207   Eligibility
Mega Life (Mid West National Life) 00206   Eligibility
Mega Life (Oklahoma City) 00365   Eligibility
Mega Life and Health Ins 00248   Eligibility
Memorial Care TPA 00339   Eligibility
Mercy Care Plan (Arizona) 00340   Eligibility
MetLife Dental Family 00195   Eligibility
MetLife Dental Family Eligibility Plan Inquiry 00999   Eligibility
Metropolitan Health Plan MHPLN   Eligibility
Michigan MIChild 00403   Eligibility
Mississippi Children's Health Ins Program 00089   Eligibility
Mississippi State Employees and Teachers Health Plan 00082   Eligibility
Molina Healthcare of California 00222   Eligibility
Molina Healthcare of Indiana 00076   Eligibility
Molina Healthcare of Michigan 00226   Eligibility
Molina Healthcare of New Mexico 00421   Eligibility
Molina Healthcare of Utah 00227   Eligibility
Molina Healthcare of Washington 00228   Eligibility
Mutual of Omaha 00140   Eligibility
MVP Health Care (New York) 00432   Eligibility
National Association of Letter Carriers 00214   Eligibility
Nationwide Health Plans 00086   Eligibility
Neighborhood Health Partnership 00422   Eligibility
Oxford Health Plans 00016   Eligibility
PacifiCare of Arizona 00341   Eligibility
PacifiCare of California 00010   Eligibility
PacifiCare of Colorado 00342   Eligibility
PacifiCare of Oklahoma 00035   Eligibility
PacifiCare of Oregon 00034   Eligibility
PacifiCare of Texas 00036   Eligibility
PacifiCare of Washington 00049   Eligibility
Partnership Health Plan of CA 00343   Eligibility
PHP Michigan 00112   Eligibility
Phoenix Health Plan 00344   Eligibility
Preferred Health Systems 00263   Eligibility
Preferred One 00371   Eligibility
Presbyterian Health Plan 00345   Eligibility
Principal Financial Group (Principal Life) 00143   Eligibility
Principle Financial Group - (Nippon Life) 00144   Eligibility
Providence Health Plan 00346   Eligibility
Rocky Mountain Health Plan 00347   Eligibility
RS - Group & Pension Administrators 00382   Eligibility
RS - JP Farley Corporation 00386   Eligibility
RS - SRT Administrators, Inc 00395   Eligibility
RS - Superior Administrators, Inc 00396   Eligibility
RS - Underwriters Safety and Claims 00398   Eligibility
RS - Woods and Grooms Benefit Services 00402   Eligibility
San Francisco Health Plan 00348   Eligibility
San Joaquin Health Plan 00349   Eligibility
Senior Care Action Network (SCAN) HMO 00350   Eligibility
Southern Health Services, Inc 00156   Eligibility
Stanislaus County MIA Program 00352   Eligibility
Star HRG 00235   Eligibility
Student Insurance 00290   Eligibility
Texas CHIP TXCHP   Eligibility
Three Rivers Administrative Svcs (Better Health Plans, Inc.) 00199   Eligibility
Three Rivers Health Plans, Inc 00198   Eligibility
TLC Family Health Care Plan 00405   Eligibility
Tricare 00080   Eligibility
Trustmark 00233   Eligibility
Tufts Health Plan 00114   Eligibility
UnitedHealthcare 00112   Eligibility
Universal Care of CA 00354   Eligibility
University Family Care 00353   Eligibility
VA Fee Basis Programs 00231   Eligibility
Western Health Advantage 00356   Eligibility
* Payer requires enrollment - contact Veredi customer support
Updated: 23-July-07
ProClaimSubmit™ Payer List
Payer Name Payer ID Enroll Reqd Record Type
1199 National Benefit Fund 13162   P
ABC Health Plan of New York 48185   P, I
ABMA Medical Corp. (Hnet Sr. & Secure Horizons Only) E3510   P
Access Administrators AHS01   P, I, D
Access Plus/UTMB Healthcare Systems 76049 Yes P
Acclaim 64071   P, I
Acclaim Repricing 21356   P
Acordia National 87815   P, I, D
ACS Benefit & Consulting Services, Inc. 72467   P
Activa Benefit Services, LLC 38254   P, I
Admar Corporation 95285   P
AdminOne 37278   P, I
Advanced Data Solutions, Inc. 58202   P, I
Advanced Medical Management AMM01   P
Advantage Care 61123   P
Advantage Health Solution 35209   P, I
Advantra/Health America, Inc./Health Assurance 25126   P, I
Advica - New York Hospital Community Health Plan 13373   P
Advica - Northeast Georgia Health System 13376   P, I
Advocate Health Centers 36320   P, I
Advocate Health Partners (PHO's) 65093   P, I
Advocate Health Plans 65093   P
Aetna / US Healthcare (All Plans) 60054   P, I
Aetna Affordable Health Choices 57604   P, I, D
Aetna Insurance Company 60054   P, I
Affinity Health Plan 13334   P, I
Affordable Benefit Administrators 95426   P
AFL- CIO Food & Beverage Dealer's Trust Fund (Toledo, OH) 34444   P, I
AFTRA Health Fund 13346   P, I
Agency Services, Inc. 64158   P, I
AGIA, Inc. 95241   P
AH & L 80705   P
AH PPO New Jersey 12X24   I
Alabama Medical Surgical, LLC 06311   P
Alaska Children's Services, Inc. 91136   P, I
Alaska Laborer’s Construction Industry Trust 91136   P, I
Alaska Pipe Trades Local 375 91136   P, I
Alaska United Food & Commercial Workers Health & Welfare Trust 91136   P, I
AliCare 13550   P, I
Alignis 58213   P
All Saints/Covenant-Milwaukee, Wisconsin 39160 Yes P
All Savers 37602   I
Alliance - Alpha Care Gold ADSL1   P, I
Alliance Health Plan (Lancaster, PA) 23251   P
Alliance PPO, Inc. (Maryland) 52149   P
Alliant Health Plans of Georgia 58234   P, I
Allied Administrators (San Francisco, CA) 94177   P, I
Allied Benefit Systems 37308   P, I
Alpha Data Systems 75261   P, I
Alta Bates Medical Group 68-0209157 Yes P
Alta Health & Life Insurance 80705   P
Alta Health Strategies 87043   P, I
Alta Senior Care (Hnet Sr. & Secure Horizons Only) E3510   P
Alternative Technology Resource (ATR) 37231   P, I
Altius Health Plans (Coventry) 25149   P, I
AMA Insurance Agency TH071   P
Amalgamated Life Insurance Company (ALICARE) 13550   P, I
AmeriBen Solutions, Inc. 75137   P, I
Americaid Community Care (D/FW) 27514   P
Americaid Community Care (Houston) 27515   P
Americaid Community Care (Maryland) 27517   P, I
Americaid Community Care (New Jersey) 27516   P, I
Americaid/AmeriGroup 26375   P, I
Americaid/AmeriGroup 26374   P, I
American Administrative Group 75240   P, I
American Benefit Administrative Services, Inc. (ABAS) 37225   P, I
American Benefits Management (North Canton, OH) 34187   P
American Chiropractic Network (ACN) ACN01   P
American Chiropractic Network (PAN) 41161   P
American Chiropractic Network IPA of New York 41160   P
American Commercial Barge Lines 37128   P, I
American Community Mutual Insurance 60305   P, I
American Family Insurance Company AMF11   P
American Founders Life Insurance Company 98205   P
American General 62030   P, I
American Imaging Management, Inc. 36369   P, I
American Insurance Company of Texas 81949   P
American International Group, Inc. (AIG) 87726   P, I
American Lifecare 72099   P, I
American Medical Security (AMS) 81400   P, I
American National Insurance Co 74048   P, I
American Postal Workers Union (APWU) 44444   P, I
American Republic Insurance Co. 42011   P, I
American Service Life Insurance Co. 59221   I
American Worker Health Plan 37322   P, I
AmeriChoice 87726   P, I
AmeriChoice for Nebraska 87726   P, I
AmeriChoice of New Jersey Personal Care Plus (Medicare) 86001   P
AmeriChoice of New Jersey, Inc. (Medicaid New Jersey) 86047   P, I
AmeriChoice of New York (Medicaid  New York) 86048   P, I
AmeriChoice of New York Personal Care Plus (Medicare) 86002   P, I
AmeriChoice of Pennsylvania Medicaid/CHIP  86049   P, I
AmeriChoice of Pennsylvania Personal Care Plus (Medicare) 86003   P
Amerigroup Corporation (Ft. Worth) 27514   P
Amerigroup Corporation (Houston) 27515   P
Amerigroup Florida 27519   P, I
Amerigroup Illinois 27518   P, I
AmeriHealth Administrators 54763   P, I
AmeriHealth HMO NJ and DE 23037   P, I
AmeriHealth Mercy Health Plan 22248   P
Amerikids-Dallas/Ft. Worth 26375   P
AMIL / ARIA (Mediview) 76052   P
AMS - American Medical Security AMS01   P
Amway Corporation 38254   P, I
Anchor Benefit Consulting, Inc. 53085   P, I
Angeles IPA (SynerMed) SYMED   P
Antares Management Solutions 34192   P, I, D
Anthem Health & Life Ins. Co. (Great-West Healthcare) 80705   P, I
APA Partners, Inc. 16140   P, I
Apex Benefit Services 34196   P
APIPA 03432 Yes P
AppleCare Medical Management APP01   P
ARAZ 16120   P
Arcadian Management Services, Inc. AVM11   P
Arkansas Best Corporation 75278   P, I
Arnett Health Plans 95440   P, I
Ascendia Healthcare Management 56192   I
Associated Third Party Administration (ATPA) ATPA1   P
Associates for Health Care, Inc (AHC) 36326   P, I
Assurant Self-Funded (Ft. Mill, SC) 37313   P,I
Assured Benefits Administrators 74240   P
Asusrsis Northwest Health 93221   P, I
Athens Area Health Plan Select 95691   P, I
Atlanticare Administrators, Inc. 22304   P, I
Atlantis Health Plan 13853   P
Atlas Administrators TH004   P
Atlas Life Insurance Company 90956   P
Austin Regional Clinic Employee Benefit Plan CMSEB   P, I
Automated Benefit Service (ABS) 38259   P, I
Automated Group Administration, Inc. (AGA) 37280   P, I
Avera Health Plans 46045   P, I
AvMed, Inc. 59274   P
Bankers United Life (Student Div) 74227   P, I
Bass Administrators, Inc. 37248   P, I
Batavia City Schools' TriCounty Medical Plan 16112   P
BCBS - Alabama 00510B   P,I
BCBS - Arizona  53589 Yes I
BCBS - Arizona  860004538 Yes P, I
BCBS - Colorado 00050 Yes I
BCBS - District of Columbia, CareFirst SB580 Yes P
BCBS - Florida  00090 Yes I
BCBS - Florida  00590 Yes P
BCBS - Georgia 00601 Yes P
BCBS - Illinois  G00621 Yes P
BCBS - Indiana, Anthem/AdminaStar 00630@ Yes P, D
BCBS - Kentucky, Anthem/AdminaStar 00660@ Yes P
BCBS - Louisiana  53120 Yes P, I, D
BCBS - Maryland, Carefirst SB690 Yes P
BCBS - Massachusetts SB700 Yes P
BCBS - Mississippi 00230 Yes P, I
BCBS - Mississippi Children's Health Ins Plan (CHIP) 00230 Yes P, I
BCBS - Missouri 00241 Yes P
BCBS - Nebraska 00260 Yes I
BCBS - Nebraska 00760 Yes P, I
BCBS - Nebraska 77780 Yes P
BCBS - Nevada 00265 Yes P, I
BCBS - New Mexico (HCSC) G00790   P, I
BCBS - New York, Empire 00803 Yes P
BCBS - North Carolina  560894904 Yes P, I
BCBS - Ohio, Anthem/AdminaStar 00834 Yes P
BCBS - Oklahoma 730266607 Yes P, I
BCBS - Oregon, Regence G00851 Yes P
BCBS - Pennsylvania, Highmark 54771 Yes P
BCBS - South Carolina 401 Yes P, I, D
BCBS - South Carolina Federal  402 Yes P
BCBS - South Carolina, Carolina Benefit Administrators 498 Yes P
BCBS - South Carolina, Companion Health Care 922 Yes P
BCBS - South Carolina, Consolidated Benefits Inc.  C16 Yes P
BCBS - South Carolina, Employee Benefit Services, Inc. 446 Yes P
BCBS - South Carolina, Employer's Life Insurance Co 130 Yes P
BCBS - South Carolina, Medical Claims Management Corp. 781 Yes P
BCBS - South Carolina, Planned Administrators 886 Yes P
BCBS - South Carolina, Preferred Blue 481 Yes P
BCBS - South Carolina, Preferred Health System - HMO Blue 403 Yes P
BCBS - South Carolina, State Employees Health Plan 400 Yes P
BCBS - South Carolina, State Teachers 400 Yes P
BCBS - South Carolina, Thomas Cooper Agency 315 Yes P
BCBS - State of Mississippi Employees and Teachers Plan 00230   P, I
BCBS - Tennessee for Riverbend GBA 00390 Yes I
BCBS - Tennessee TennCare, TennCare Select & BlueCare 00390@ Yes P
BCBS - Texas G84980 Yes P, I, D
BCBS - Virginia, Anthem VABCBS Yes P, I
BCBS - West Virginia, Mountain State 54828   P
BCI Administrators 49153   P
Beech Street Corporation 95377   P, I
Bellflower Hospital (SynerMed) SYMED   P
BeneFirst 37125   P, I
Benefit Concepts 51037   P, I
Benefit Coodinators Corporation (Pittsburgh, PA) 25145   P, I
Benefit Management Admin (San Antonio) BMATP   P, I
Benefit Management Services, Inc. (Louisiana) 00999   P
Benefit Management Systems, Inc. 37212   P
Benefit Plan (CNA) 62413   P, I
Benefit Plan Administrators (BPA) 88027   P, I
Benefit Plan Administrators Co. (Eau Claire, WI) 39081   P, I
Benefit Plan Administrators of St. Louis (BPS) 13310   P, I
Benefit Plan Administrators, Inc. (Fargo, ND) 37286   P, I
Benefit Plan Administrators, Inc. (Roanoke, VA) 37118   P, I
Benefit Plan Management, Inc. 37222   P, I
Benefit Planners, Inc 74223   P, I
Benefit Source, Inc. 38257   P, I
Benefit Systems & Services, Inc (BSSI) 36342   P
Benefit Trust Life 61425   P, I
Benesight  87265   P
Benesys, Inc. 37248   P, I
Benesys-LHP Claims Unit 37248   P
Best Life & Health Insurance Company 95604   P
Better Health Plans, Inc. 62183   P, I
Big Lots Associates Benefits Plan CX025   P
Blue Bell Benefits Trust ECIBB   P, I
Blue Bonnet Administrators 37244   I
Blue Cross - Alaska, Premera 00430AK Yes P
Blue Cross - California 47198 Yes P, I
Blue Cross - California CMSP claims CMSPI   I
Blue Cross - Idaho  G00610 Yes P, I
Blue Cross - New Mexico G00790 Yes P, I
Blue Cross - Washington, Premera 00430WA Yes P
Blue Shield - Alabama 00510 Yes P
Blue Shield - California 94036   P
Blue Shield - California FEP 94036   P
Blue Shield - Idaho, Regence G00611 Yes P
Blue Shield - Kansas, ASK 47163 Yes P
Blue Shield - Washington, Regence G00932   P
Blue Shield Kansas City - Kansas, ASK 47171   P
Bluegrass Family Health 61124   P, I
Boilermaker's National Health & Welfare 36609   P, I
Boon-Chapman Benefit Administrators 74238   P, I
Boston Medical Center Health Plan, Inc.(BMC HealthNet Plan) 13337   P, I
Botsford Health Plan (Farmington Hills, MI) 38324   P, I
BoydCare (BoydCare Bros. Transportation Inc.) 37273   P, I
Breathco/CSL Pulmonary 65005   P
Bridge Benefits 38365   P, I
Bridgestone Claims Services 37285   P, I
Brockerage Concepts, Inc. 51037   P, I
Brown & Toland Medical Group 94316   P, I
Bryan Independent School District BRISD   P, I
Buenaventura Medical Group Inc.  50240   P
Butler Benefits 42150   P, I
C&O Employees Hospital Association 23708   P
CAC (Claims Administration Corp) 62413   P, I
California Alcohol & Drug Program CAADP20 Yes P
California Alcohol & Drug Program CAADP25 Yes P
California Department of Mental Health CADMH Yes P
Cambridge ISG 59334   P, I
Cannon Cochran Management Services, Inc. 37105   P, I
Cape Health Plan 38245   P, I
Capital Advantage Insurance Company (CAIC) 23045   P
Capital Blue Cross/CAIC 23045   P
Capital Community Health Plan 87726   P, I
Capital District Physicians Health Plan (CDPHP)-Institutional Claims 12X03   I
Capital District Physicians Health Plan (CDPHP)-Professional Claims 95491   P
Capitol Administrators 68011   P, I
Care Management Group of Greater NY 11331   I
Care Partners 43172 Yes P, I
CareCore National, LLC (Aetna Radiology Claims) 14179   P
CareCore National, LLC (Oxford Radiology Claims) 14180   P
CareFirst Administrators - Maryland 52118 Yes P
Carelink Advantra  25139   P, I
Carelink Health Plan 25139   P, I
Carelink Medicaid 25140   P, I
Carenet 25142   P
CareOregon 13350   P, I
CareOregon 93975   P, I
CareSource of IN 37311   P,I
CareSource OH 31114 Yes P
Cariten Healthcare 62073   P, I
Cariten Senior Health 62072   P, I
Carolina Benefit Administrators, Inc. 37245   P
Carolina Care Plan 57105   P, I
Carolina Summit Healthcare, Inc. 56195   P, I
Carpenter's Health & Welfare Trust Fund of St. Louis 25125   P
Cascade East Health Plans 93040   P, I
Caterpillar Inc. 37060   P, I
CBCA Administrators 55438   P, I
CBIZ Benefits & Insurance Services 31158   P
CBSA 41124   P, I
CCEA Welfare Benefit Trust 88019   P
CCN Managed Care, Inc. 33005   P, I
Cedars-Sinai Medical Network Services 95166   P
Cedars-Sinai Medical Network Services  95167   P
Cemara Administrators, Inc. 37250   P, I
Cement Masons & Plasterers Health & Welfare Trust 91136   P, I
Cenpatico Behavioral Health - Kansas 68047   P, I
Centra Benefits (Dallas) 75243   I
Centra Benefits (Houston) 75196   I
Central Benefits Life 31118   P, I
Central Benefits Mutual 31118   P, I
Central Benefits National 31118   P, I
Central Coast Alliance 770395311    P
Central Mass Health Care 02041   P, I
Central Reserve Life 34097   P, I
Central States Health & Welfare Funds 36215   P, I
Central States Joint Board and Welfare Fund 37214   P, I
Central Valley Medical Group E3510   P
CHA - Commonwealth Health Alliance 23171   P, I
ChampVA - HAC 84146   P, I
Chautauqua County Healthcare Plan - Mayville, NY 16600   P, I
CHC of Kansas City Advantra 25144   P, I
CHEC - A Subsidiary of Sprint 75261   P, I
Chesapeake Life Insurance Company 59223   P, I
Childhealth Plus by Healthfirst (CHP) 80141   P, I
CHIP - ChoiceOne (UTMB) UHSCH   P, I
CHIP - Community First  COMMF   P
CHIP - Teens to Tots/ Texas University Health TTPCH   P
Chiropractic Care of Minnesota, Inc. ACN01   P
Christian Brothers Services 61271   P, I
Christus Spohn Health Network SPOHN   P, I
Cigna 62308   P, I
Cigna - Behavioral Health MCCBV Yes P
Cigna Flex Care (New Mexico only) 95266   P, I
Cigna HealthCare for Seniors (AZ Medicare) 86033   P
Cimarron Health Plan (commercial) 09823   P
City of Odessa 75600   P, I
City of San Antonio TTCEC   P, I
Claim Management Services 39141   P, I
ClaimsWare, Inc. DBA ManageMed 57080   P, I
Clarendon Kids CHIP Program SHP11 Yes P, I
CNA 71063   P, I
CNA Health Partners (PCP Only) 71063   P
Colonial Healthcare 37123   P, I
Colorado Access HMO COACC   P
Columbia Cornell Care 25351   P, I
Columbia United Providers 91162   P
Combined Benefits, Inc. 37271   P, I
Commerce Benefits Group 34181   P
CommonWealth Administrative Group 37237   P, I
CommonWealth Administrators CATPA   P, I
Community Care Behavioral Health Org. 25179   P, I
Community Care Managed Health Care Plans of OK 73143   P, I
Community Care Network (CCN) Managed Care, Inc. 33005   P
Community Care Organization 39126   P, I
Community Care Plus 71079   P, I
Community Choice of Michigan 38325   P
Community Family Care (SynerMed) SYMED   P
Community First - Star Health Plan COMMF   P, I
Community Health Alliance 35193   P, I
Community Health Choice 48145   P, I
Community Health Electronic Claims - CHEC - webTPA 75261   P, I
Community Health Network of Connecticut 62149   P, I
Community Health Plan 90010   P, I
Community Health Plan - Milwaukee, WI 39162 Yes P
Community Health Plan - New York 23742 Yes P
Community Health Plan - St. Joseph, MO 90010   P, I
Community Health Plan of Washington CHPWA   P
Community Premier Plus for Neighborhood Health Providers 32481   P, I
Comp - Ohio (Austintown, OH) 34177   P, I
CompMed 73145   P, I
Comprehensive Benefits Administrator, Inc. 03036   P, I
Compusys of Colorado COMPU   P
Confed Admin Services, Inc. 80667   P, I
ConnectiCare, Inc. 06105   P, I
Connecticut General - Medical Claims 62308   P, I
Connecticut General - Mental Health Claims MCCBV   P
Consociate Group (Decatur, IL) 37135   P, I
Consolidated Associates Railroad 75284   P, I
Consolidated Group/HPS 04274   P
Consumer Health Solutions 37295   P, I
Continental General Insurance Company 71404   P, I
Continuum ABC MSO 13397   P
Contra Costa Health Plan CCHP   P
Cook Children's Health Plan CCHP1   P, I
Cooperative Benefit Administrators (CBA) 52132   P, I
Coordinated Medical Specialists 58204   P
Core Management Resources Group 58231   P
CoreSource of AZ, MN 41045   P
CoreSource of Indiania 35180   P
CoreSource of Little Rock 75136   P, I
CoreSource of MD, PA, IL 35182 Yes P
CoreSource of NC, IN 35180   P, I
CoreSource of Ohio 35183   P, I
CoreStar  41045   P
Cornerstone Benefit Administrators 35202   P, I
Corporate Benefit Services of America (CBSA) 41124   P, I
Corporate Benefits Service, Inc. (NC) 56116   P
Corporate Systems Administration 37246   P
Correctional Medical Services 43160   P
CorSolutions 48146   P
Cottage Health System 37288    P, I
Country Life Insurance Company 62553   P, I
Covenant Administrators, Inc. (Atlanta, GA) 58102   P, I
Covenant Management Systems Employee Benefit Plan CMSEB   P, I
Coventry - Kansas City Medicare (Advantra) 25144   P, I
Coventry Health Care of Delaware, Inc. 25130   P, I
Coventry Health Care of Georgia 25127   P, I
Coventry Health Care of Iowa, Inc. 25132   P, I
Coventry Health Care of Kansas, Inc. - Kansas City 25133   P, I
Coventry Health Care of Kansas, Inc. - Wichita 25134   P, I
Coventry Health Care of Louisiana, Inc. 25135   P, I
Coventry Health Care of Nebraska, Inc. 25136   P, I
Coventry Health Care of the Carolinas, Inc./ Wellpath 25129   P, I
Coventry Health Care South 25147   P
Creative Medical Systems 64068   P, I
Creative Plan Administrators (East Hartford, CT) 37320   P, I, D
Crown Life 80705   I
Croy-Hall Management, Inc. 37266   P
Custom Benefit Administrators (Lacrosse, WI) 39170   P
Dart Management Corp/Dart Container Corp DARTC Yes P, I
DC Chartered Health Plan, Inc. (Washington, DC) 95748   I
Dean Health Plan 39113   P, I
Definity Services 64159   P, I
Delaware Health Plan Consortium 63081   P, I
Delaware Physicians Care, Inc. 27009   P, I
DelawareCare 25137   P, I
Delta Health Systems DHS01   P
Dental Network of America DNOAT   D
Denver Health Medical Plan 84135   P, I
Department of Labor 77044 Yes P, I
Destiny Health 36436   P
Diamond Plan (Coventry) 25131   P, I
Directors Guild of America - Producer Health Plan 23706   P, I
Diversified Administration 06102   P, I
Diversified Group Administration 25160   P
DME Region B, AdminaStar 00635 Yes P
DME Region C, Palmetto 00885 Yes P
DME Region D, CIGNA 05655 Yes P
Doctors Hospital of Montclair- San Bernadino (SynerMed) SYMED   P
Doral Dental Services 421529687 Yes D
Driscoll Children's Health Plan (CHIP) (Texas) DCHCH   P
DSCC - Division of Specialized Care for Children 37600   P
E3 Health 75232   P
Eagle Creek Medical Plaza 61101   P, I
Early Intervention Central Billing 36434   P
Eaton Benefits, OH 62308   P, I
EBA - City of San Antonio TTCEC   P, I
EBMC CX025   P
EBMS (Employee Benefit Management Services, Inc.) 81039   P, I
EBS of Louisiana 41198   P
EHI (Employers Health Insurance) 73288   I
EHS Group Health Plan (Milwaukee, WI.) 98006   P
El Paso First - CHIP EPF03 Yes P, I
El Paso First Group Health EPF08 Yes P, I
Elder Health Maryland HMO Inc. 52192   P, I
Elder Heath HMO of Pennsylvania 52192   P, I
Electronic Transmission Corp 75260   I
Ellis Consultants Inc. ECISF   P, I
Elmco 37253   P, I
Emerald Health Network Inc (all PPO) 34167   P, I
EMPHESYS 73288   I
Emphesys 61101   P, I
Empire Physicians Medical Group 33029   P
Employee Benefit Concepts, Inc. (Farmington Hills, MI) 38241   P
Employee Benefit Corporation 37215   P
Employee Benefit Management Corporation CX025   P
Employee Benefit Services (Ft. Mill, SC) 37216   P, I
Employee Benefit Services of Louisiana, Inc. EBS) 41198   P, I
Employee Benefits Plan Administration, Inc (EBPA) 03036   P, I
Employee Plans, LLC 35112   P, I
Employee Security, Inc 54098   P, I
Employers Coalition on Health (ECOH) MIDSC   P
Employer's Direct Health 75232   P, I
Employer's Direct Health (Employee Plan) 75236   P, I
Employer's Direct Health (Fully Insured) 75235   P, I
Employer's Direct Health (Self-Funded Plan) 75233   P, I
Employers Health    73288   I
Employers Health Cooperative (EHC) MIDSC   P
Employers Health Insurance (EHI) 61101   P, I
Employers Ins. of Wausau 39026   P, I
Employers Life Insurance Corp. 37249   P, I
Employers Mutual, Inc (Jacksonville, FL) 59298   P, I
Employers Mutual, Inc (Stuart, FL) 59331   P
Encircle PPO 35206   P, I
Encompass 37110   P, I
Encore Encore GTPA1   P, I
Encore Health Networks 35206   P, I
ENH Medical Group IPA 36364   P, I
Enstar Natural Gas  91136   P, I
Equicor 62308   P, I
Equicor PPO 62308   P, I
Equifax/Healthcare Aministration (EHAS) 75196   P, I
Equitable (CIGNA) 62308   P, I
Equitable Plan Services (Oklahoma City, OK) 73126   P, I
Erin Group Administrators 23250   P, I
ERISA Administrative Services 74234   P, D
E-V Benefits Management, Inc. 34159   P
Evercare     P
EverCare (all states) 87726   P, I
Evergreen Health Plan 58233   P, I
ExclusiCare 71412   P, I
FA Richard & Associates 37289   P, I
FACS Group 37300   P, I
Fallon Community Health 22254 Yes P
Family Health Partners/MC+ Missouri 43173   P, I
Family Health Plan 96865   P
Family Practice Associates FPA11 Yes P
Family/Seniors Medical Grp (Labs only) IPA IP017   P
FARA Benefit Services 37289   P
Farm Family 14140   P, I
FCE Benefit Administrators, Inc. 33033   P, I
Federal Employee Program (TX FEP) G84980   P, I
Federated Benefits 37300   P, I
Federated HR Services 37300   P, I
Federated Mutual Insurance 41041   P, I
Fidelis Care New York 11315   P
First Carolina Care 56196   P, I
First Choice (Connecticut) 14162   P, I
First Choice Health Network 91131   P, I
First Choice of Midwest (PPO) 75138   P, I
First Great West Life & Annuity Insurance Company 80705   P, I
First Health Strategies 87043   P, I
First Priority Health 23241   P
First Service Administrators, Inc 59276   P, I
Firstcare 94999 Yes P, I
Firstcare - Star Medicaid 94999 Yes P, I
FirstGuard Health Plan - Kansas 90060   P, I
FirstGuard Health Plan - Missouri 90061   P, I
Fiserv Health - Kansas & Tennessee 62061   P, I
Fitzharris & Company, Inc. (Farmingdale, NY) 11244   P
Florida 1st 59276   P, I
Florida Health Choice - (Wisconsin) AMS01   P
Florida Hospital Healthcare Systems 59321   P, I
Florida Hospital Waterman 48116   P, I
FMH Benefit Services, Inc 48117   P, I
Ford Meter Box Company Inc. 37305   P, I
Fortis Benefits Insurance Company 70408   P, I
Fortis Insurance Company 39065   P, I
Time Insurance Company 39065   P, I
Foundation Health Plan of Florida (Sunrise, FL) 59257   P, I
Fox Valley Medicine Site 199 FVMCH   P
Fox Valley Medicine Site 451 FVMC1   P
Fox-Everett – Ingalls Ship Building 64067   P, I
Fox-Everett, Inc 64069   P, I
Freedom Life Insurance Company of America 62324   P
Fringe Benefits Coordinators 59204   P, I
Gallagher Benefit Administrators, Inc. (GBA) 37283   P, I
Galveston County Indigent Health Care 30005   P, I
Garfield Medical Center (SynerMed) SYMED   P
Gateway Health Plan Medicaid PA 25169   P, I
GE Group Administrators 75238   P, I
GE Group Life Assurance Company 67815   P, I
GEGA - Group Administrators, South Carolina. 06143   P, I
GEHA Mental Health Claims 87726   P, I
Geisinger Health Plan 75273 Yes P, I
Genelco (St. Louis) 63665   P, I
General American Life Insurance Company 63665   P, I
Genesee County Medical Plan 16112   P
Genesis Healthcare (EMG) IP087   P
GHC - Eastern Washington State 91121   P
GHI - New York (Group Health Inc.) 13551   P, I
GHI HMO 25531   P, I
GHI HMO Select 25531   P, I
GHP (Group Health Plan) 25141   P, I
GI Innovative Management 58204   P
GIC Indemnity Plan 80314   P, I
Gilsbar, Inc. 07205   P, I
Golden Rule Insurance Company 37602   P, I
Golden Triangle Physicians Alliance GTPA1 Yes P, I
Government Employees Hospital Association (GEHA) 44054   P, I, D
MedAdmin Solutions 58204   P, I
Grant Physicians Practice Association 37234   P, I
Great Lakes Health Plan 95467   P, I
Great West Life & Annuity Insurance Co 80705   P, I
Group Administrators 36338   P, I
Group and Pension Administrators 48143   P
Group Benefit Administrators 72153   P, I
Group Health Coop South Central WI-Claims 39167   P, I
Group Health Coop South Central WI-Encounters 39168   P, I
Group Health Cooperative - East 91121   P
Group Health Cooperative - West 91051   P, I
Group Insurance Service Center, Inc. 37276   P, I
Group Practice Affiliates 68046   P, I
Guardian Life Insurance Co of America 64246   P, I
GulfQuest 93100   P
Gundersen Lutheran Health Plan, Inc. 39180   P, I
H.A.C., Inc. 61101   I
H.E.R.E.I.U Welfare Pension Funds 23172   P
H.E.R.E.I.U Welfare Pension Funds 37114   P, I
Harmony Health Plan of Illinois 36406   P, I
Harmony Health Plan of Indiana 36405   P, I
Harrington Benefit Services 95266   P, I
Harrington Benefit Services, Inc. 75196   P, I
Harrington Benefit Services, Inc. - Oklahoma 59142   P, I
Hartford Work Comp HARWC Yes P
Harvard Pilgrim Health Care 04271   P
HCH Administration (Illinois) 37111   P, I
HCH Administration (New Mexico) HCHNM   P, I
HCH Administrators, Inc 37215   P
HCHA Albq - Self Funded 37329   P, I
HCS - Health Claims Service 82018   P, I
HDM Benefit Solutions HDMCO   P, I
HDPC-Premier Healthcare 90023   P, I
Health 1, 2, 3, Inc. 23173   P
Health Administration Service, Inc. 34185   P
Health Alliance Exclusive & Plus 23172   P
Health Alliance Medical Plans, Inc. 77950   P, I
Health Alliance Plan of Michigan 38224   P, I
Health Care Network of Wisconsin (HCN) 42102   P, I
Health Care Payer's Coalition (Toledo, OH) 34193   P, I
Health Care Savings 56142   P, I
Health Choice of New Jersey 22345   P, I
Health Designs Plus (Hudson, OH) 34158   P
Health Economics - Mics Corp 75196   P
Health Economics Group, Inc. 16112   P
Health EZ 16120   P
Health Insurance Plan of New York 55247   P
Health Net - California & Oregon 95567   P, I
Health Net - California (Encounters) 95570   P
Health Net Federal Services 38520   P
Health Network America 20199   P, I, D
Health New England 04286   P
Health Partners - Jackson, TN 62157   P, I
Health Partners – Pennsylvania 80142   P, I
Health Partners of Alabama, Inc 63092 Yes P
Health Partners Southeast 63092 Yes P
Health Plan Management 37221   P, I
Health Plan Southeast (Tallahassee, FL) 59256   P, I
Health Pledge HMO/HealthPledge Plus 95435   P
Health Risk Management (HRM) 41170   P, I
Health Services Preferred (HSP) –Emerald Health 34167   P, I
Health Value Management 61101   P, I
Healthcare Benefits G84980   P, I
Healthcare Mangement Administration (HMA) HMA01   P, I, D
HealthCare Partners, IPA 11328   P
Healthcare USA 25143   P, I
Healthcare's Finest Network (HFN) 36335   P, I
HealthChoice of Connecticut/Yale Preferred Health 95376   P, I
HealthChoice of Memphis 62168   P
Healthcomp, Inc. 85729   P, I
Healthease 59608   P, I
Healthfirst  TPA (Tyler, TX) 75234   P
Healthfirst 65 Plus 80141   P, I
Healthfirst Family Health Plus (FHP) 80141   P, I
Healthfirst New York (Commercial) 80141   P, I
Healthfirst, Inc. (NY) 80141   P, I
HealthGuard of Lancaster 23226   P, I
HealthHelp Network, Inc (HHNI) 59087   P, I
Healthlink HMO 96475 Yes P, I
Healthlink PPO 90001 Yes P, I
HealthNet - Arizona 38309   P
HealthNet - Kansas City, MO 43132   P, I
HealthNet of the Northeast, Inc. 06108 Yes P, I
HealthPlan Services - Harrington 95266   P, I
HealthPlan Services (Tampa Only) 59140   P
Healthpower HMO 31106   P, I
HealthSCOPE Benefits, Inc. 71063   P, I
HealthSCOPE Benefits, Inc. (Repricing AR) 48153   P, I
HealthSmart Preferred Care (HSPC) 75250   P
Healthsource - Arkansas 71074 Yes P, I
Healthsource - Arkansas (Medicare HMO)(Cigna) 71075 Yes P, I
Healthsource - Georgia (Cigna) 58210 Yes P, I
Healthsource - Indiana 35167 Yes P, I
Healthsource - Kentucky 61127 Yes P, I
Healthsource - Maine 01041 Yes P, I
Healthsource - Massachusetts 02041   P, I
Healthsource - New Hampshire 02038 Yes P, I
Healthsource - North Carolina (Cigna) 56147 Yes P, I
Healthsource - Ohio 31141 Yes P, I
Healthsource - South Carolina 06119 Yes P, I
Healthsource - Tennessee (Cigna) 62129 Yes P, I
Healthsource Central Mass Heath Care 02041   P, I
Healthsource of North Texas (Cigna) 75255 Yes P, I
Healthsource Provident (Cigna) 68195 Yes P, I
Healthsouth Medical Plan Administrators 63086   P
Healthspring HMO 25193   P, I
HealthSpring of Alabama 63092 Yes P
HealthStar, Inc 36332   P, I
Healthy Options (DSHS) 91051 Yes P
Heavy & General Laborers Fund of New Jersey 22148   P, I
Heavy & General Laborers Welfare HGLWF   P, I
Heritage Consultants 59230   P
Heritage National Health Plans 95378 Yes P
Heritage New York Medical Group 11328   P, I
Heritage Physician Network (Houston) Also see: Family Practice Assoc/Golden Triangle Phy HPN11 Yes P, I
Hillcrest Benefit Administrators 59347   P, I
HIP-Health Insurance Plan of Greater New York 55247 Yes P, I
HMA - Healthcare Management Administration HMA01   P, I, D
HMO Blue (HMO Blue Texas) G84980   P, I
HMO Blue Star Plus (Houston Only)     P
HMO of Colorado COHMO   P
Hollywood Presbyterian (SynerMed) SYMED   P
Home Town Health Network 34150   P
Horizon HealthCare Admin (HHA) 22304   P
Horizon Mercy 22326   P, I
Horizon NJ Health 22326   P, I
Hospital Benefits, Inc. 37274   P, I
Hotel Employees & Restaurant Employees Health & Trust 91136   P, I
HPS Paradigm, Inc. 58227   P
HRH of Illinois 36410   P
HRM Claim Management/HRM 41170   P
Hudson Health Plan 13335 Yes P, I
Humana 61101   P, I
Humana (Encounters) 61102   P
Humana Emphesys 61101   P
Humana Employers Health Insurance 61101   P
Humana Health Plans of Ohio 95348 Yes P
Humana Insurance Company Choice Care Network 61101   P
Humana Military, Palmetto 614 Yes P
Humana, Inc. (Claims) 61101   P
Humboldt-Del Norte Foundation for Medical Care 94154   P
Hunt Insurance Group 37260   P, I
Hunt Insurance Group 59069   P, I
IBA Health & Life Insurance Company 38234   P, I
IBA Self Funded Group 38234   P, I
ICM 37296   P
ICON Benefit Administrators 75185   P, I
IE Shaffer (West Trenton, NJ) 22175   P
Illinois Central Hospital Association 36600   P
IMcare 41600   P, I
IMSCO Health Systems 37319   P, I
Indecs Corporation 40585   P, I
Indiana Health Network 35204   P
Indiana ProHealth Network 35161   P
Indiana Teamsters Health Benefits Fund 35107   P
Individual Health Insurance Companies 31053   P, I
Informed, LLC 52196   P, I
Inland Empire Health Plan IEHP1   P
Innovative Healthware Solutions 04320   P, I
Instil Health PFFS SX161   P
Insurance Administrators of America, Inc. 37279   P, I
Insurance Claims Services, Inc. (Birmingham, AL) 63082   P, I
Insurance Design Administrators 13315   P, I
Insurance Management Services of Texas (IMS) IMSMS   P, I
Insurance Services of Lubbock ISL11   P
Insurer's administartive Corporation IAC01   P, I
Insurers Administrative Corporation (Phoenix, AZ) 86304   P, I, D
Integra Administrative Group (Seaford, DE) 51020   P, I
Integra Group 31127   P, I
Integra Group-CHA 31129   P
Integrated Care Network by Emerald 34167   P, I
Integrity Benefits Network 58200   P, I
Inter County Health Plan 54763   I
InterCare Health Plans, Inc. 37227   P, I
Interface EAP 60280   P, I
Intergroup Service Corporation 23287   P
International Brotherhood of Boilermakers 36609   P
International Medical Group IMGIN   P
International Union of Operating Engineers:  Local 15, 15A, 15C, and 15D 37269   P, I
International Union of Operating Engineers:  Local 4 Health & Welfare Fund 37241   P
Iowa Benefits, Inc (IBI) 41124   P, I
IU Medical Group 351693695   P
J. F. Molloy and Associates, Inc 61271   P, I
JI Specialty Services, Inc. JISSP   P, I, D
John Alden Life Insurance Company 41099   P, I, D
John Deere Health Care 95378 Yes P, I
John Hancock 80314   P, I
John P Pearl & Associates 37215   P, I
Johns Hopkins Medical Services Corp 52123   I
Joplin Claims 43178   P, I
JP Farley Corporation 34136   P
JSL Administrators 37272   P, I
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Colorado 91617   P, I
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Georgia 21313   P, I
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Northern California 94135   P, I
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Southern California 94134   P, I
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Mid-Atlantic States 52095   P, I
Kaiser Foundation of the Northwest 93079   P
Kaiser Permanente (Colorado Plans Only Except Colorado Springs) COKSR   P
Kaiser Permanente (Colorado Springs Only) KSRCS   P
Kaiser Permanente (Southern California Only) KS001   P
Kanawha HealthCare Solutions, Inc. 57038   P, I
Kanawha Insurance Company 57038   P, I
Kansas City Life Insurance Co. 44030   P
Kelsey-Sebold KELSE   P, I
Kempton Company 73100   P, I
Kentucky Health Select 63077   P, I
Kentucky Kare (Humana) 61101   P, I
Kepple & Company (Integrated Benefit Services) 37124   P, I
Kern Health Systems 77039   P, I
Key Benefit Administrators 37217   P, I
Key Medical Group IP082   P
Key Select 37321   P, I
Keystone Health Plan Central 23239   P, I
Keystone Mercy Health Plan  23284   P
Kindred Health Care 61101   P
Klais & Company 34145   P, I
KPS Health Plans KPS01   P
Lake Forest Mangaed Care Associates 37112   P
Lakeside Health Services 95415   P, I
Lakeside IPA 95416   P
Landmark Healthcare LNDMK   P
Leggett and Platt 75279   P, I
Leon Medical Center Plan, Miami, FL 37316   P
Liberty Union 37281   P, I
Life Assurance Company 37281   P, I
Life Investors Insurance Co. of America LIIC2   P, I
Life Investors Insurance Co. of America LIICA   P, I
Life Trac 41136   P, I
LifeGuard 94245   P
Lifemark     P
Lifewise of Oregon, A Premera Health Plan 93093 Yes P
Lincoln National  61101   P, I
Lincoln National (EMPHESYS, Green Bay and Madison, WI only) 73288   I
Linn County 75283   P, I
Local 135 Health Benefits Fund (Indianapolis, IN) 35107   P, I
Loma Linda University Adventist Employee, Resident & Student Health Plans 37267   P, I
London Health Administrators 37226   P, I
Lovelace Salud! (NM Medicaid) 90328   P, I
Lovelace Sandia Health Plan 90328   P
Lovelace Senior Plans 90328   P
Lumenos 54195   P, I
M.D. – Individual Practice Association 52148   P, I
Machinist District 9 Welfare 37292   P, I
Magellan Behavioral Health 01260   P
Magellan Behavioral Health 12X27   I
MagnaCare 11303   P, I
Mail Handlers 62413   P, I
Mailhandlers Mental Health Claims 87726   P, I
MAMSI Life and Health Insurance Co. (MLH) 52148   P, I
MAMSI Life and Health Insurance Co. (MLH) MA001   P
Managed Care Indemnity 61101   P, I
Managed Care Services, LLC 35162   P, I
Managed Health Networks (MHN) 22771   P
Managed Health Services Indiana (Medicaid HMO) 39186 Yes P
Managed Health Services Wisconsin 39187   P, I
Managed Physical Network 41159   P
Managed Physician Network 93900   P
Managed Prescription Services 61101   P
Manatee Service Center (Bradenton, FL) 41555   P, I
MAPCO, Inc. 75258   P, I
Marin IPA IP097   P
Marsh Advantage America/Seabury & Smith 13310   P, I
Maryland Individual Practice Association, Inc. (M.D. IPA) - MD 52148   P, I
Maryland Physician Care 22348   P
Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation 37121   P, I
Massachusetts Mutual 65935   P
Masters, Mates and Pilots Plan MMPHB   P, I
Matthew Thornton Health Plan 02030 Yes P, I
Mayo Management Services, Inc. 41154   P, I
MBS (MedCost Benefit Services) 56205   P, I
Mcare 38264 Yes P, I
MCC Behavioral Care MCCBV   P
McCreary Corporation 59331   P
McLaren Health Plan 38338   P
MDNY Healthcare 11338   P, I
MedBen (Newark, OH) 74323   P
MedBenefixx Inc. 61101   P
MedCom 59231   P, I
MedCost, Inc. 56162   P, I
Medfocus 95321   P
Medica 87726 Yes P, I
Medica Choice (ALLINA) 87726   P, I
Medicaid - Alabama 752548221 Yes P
Medicaid - Arizona 866004791 Yes P
Medicaid - Arkansas 716007869 Yes P
Medicaid - California MediCal 610442 Yes P, I
Medicaid - Colorado 77016 Yes P
Medicaid - Florida  77027 Yes P
Medicaid - Georgia 77034 Yes P
Medicaid - Idaho  445454161 Yes P
Medicaid - Illinois, IDPA 37-1320188 Yes P
Medicaid - Indiana EDS   P, D
Medicaid - Kansas  481124839   P
Medicaid - Louisiana (Unisys) 610551 Yes P, D
Medicaid - Maryland, DHMH 526002033MCP   P
Medicaid - Maryland, PMHS 77062 Yes P
Medicaid - Massachusetts, MassHealth SKMA0 Yes P
Medicaid - Missouri 431754897 Yes P
Medicaid - Nebraska NEMEDICAID Yes P, I, D
Medicaid - Nevada, First Health DHCFP Yes P
Medicaid - New Mexico NMMAD Yes P, D
Medicaid - New York 141797357 Yes P, D
Medicaid - North Carolina  DNC00 Yes P, D
Medicaid - Ohio MMISODJFS   P
Medicaid - Oklahoma 731476619 Yes P
Medicaid - South Carolina   SCXIX Yes P, D
Medicaid - Texas, TMHP 245391167   P, I, D
Medicaid - Washington 77045 Yes P, D
Medicaid - West Virginia (Unisys) WVMEDICAID Yes P
Medical Benefits Administration 680415881   P
Medical Benefits Administrators, Inc. (Newark, OH) 74323   P
Medical Benefits Companies (Newark, OH) 74323   P
Medical Benefits Mutual (Newark, OH) 74323   P
Medical Claims Service, Inc. 04258   P, I
Medical Development International 52181   P, I
Medical Mutual of Ohio 29076   P, I
Medical Network of Colorado Springs CSMED   P
Medical Pathways 33029   P
Medical Plan of Kansas City 61101   P, I
Medical Resource Management 58203   P, I
Medical Select Management 13375   P
Medicare - Alabama, Cahaba 00510 Yes P
Medicare - Alaska, Noridian 00824AK Yes P
Medicare - Arizona,  Noridian 00824 Yes P
Medicare - Arkansas 00520 Yes P
Medicare - California, NHIC Northern  31140 Yes P
Medicare - California, NHIC Southern  31146 Yes P
Medicare - Colorado, Noridian 00320CO Yes P
Medicare - Delaware, TrailBlazer C00902 Yes P
Medicare - District of Columbia, TrailBlazer Metro  C00903 Yes P
Medicare - DMERC Region B , AdminaStar 00635 Yes P
Medicare - DMERC Region C , Palmetto C00885 Yes P
Medicare - DMERC Region D, Cigna 05655 Yes P
Medicare - Florida, First Coast MBFLA Yes P
Medicare - Georgia, Cahaba 00511 Yes P
Medicare - Idaho, Cigna 05130 Yes P
Medicare - Illinois, WPS 00952 Yes P
Medicare - Indiana, AdminaStar 00630 Yes P
Medicare - Iowa, Noridian 88849 Yes P
Medicare - Kansas City, ASK 00740 Yes P
Medicare - Kansas, ASK 00650 Yes P
Medicare - Kentucky, AdminaStar 00660 Yes P
Medicare - Louisiana 00528 Yes P
Medicare - Maryland, TrailBlazer C00901 Yes P
Medicare - Massachusetts, NHIC 31173 Yes P
Medicare - Michigan , WPS 00953 Yes P
Medicare - Minnesota 00954 Yes P
Medicare - Missouri  00523 Yes P
Medicare - Missouri Northwest 00740 Yes P
Medicare - Nebraska, ASK 00655 Yes P
Medicare - New Mexico 00521 Yes P
Medicare - North Carolina, Cigna 05535 Yes P
Medicare - Ohio, Palmetto 00883OH Yes P
Medicare - Oklahoma 00522 Yes P
Medicare - Railroad, Palmetto C00882 Yes P
Medicare - Rhode Island 00524 Yes P
Medicare - South Carolina , Palmetto 00880 Yes P
Medicare - Tennessee, Cigna 05440 Yes P
Medicare - Texas, TrailBlazer C00900 Yes P
Medicare - UGS 00450 Yes I
Medicare - Virginia, TrailBlazer C00904 Yes P
Medicare - Washington, Noridian 00824WA Yes P
Medicare - West Virginia, Palmetto 00883 Yes P
Medicare - Wisconsin, WPS  00951 Yes P
Medicare Smart 58228   P
Medigold or Mt. Carmel Health Plan 95655   P
Mediversal 37304   P, I
Mediversal Claims Administration (Las Vegas, NV)  37304   P, I
MedSolutions, Inc. 62160   P, I
Medspan, Inc. 82160   P
MedStar Physician Partners 00243   P
MEGA Life & Health Insurance Company - Student Insurance 74227   P, I
Memorial Clinical Associates MCA11 Yes P
Memphis Managed Care 36193   P, I
Meplan PPO 58216   I
Mercy Care - Arizona 3433 Yes P
Mercy Care Plan 86052   P, I
Mercy Health Plans 43166   P
Mercy Health Plans MER11   P
Mercy Health Plans of New Jersey 22326 Yes P, I
Mercy Physicians Medical Group 33029   P
Meridian Health Care Management 77042   P, I
Meridian Health/Agency Services 64158   P, I
Mesa Mental Health 85035   P
Met Life 87726   P, I
Methodist Association Health Plan 62168   P, I
MethodistCare 80314   P, I
Metra Healthcare Network 65978   I
Metro Alliance 82135   P
MetroPlus Health Plan 13265   P
Metropolitan Health Plan 10850   P, I
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company 65978   P, I
Metrowest Health Plan - Preferred Care MWP01   P
Metrowest Star Medicaid MWS01   P
Michael Reese Physicians Group 37127   P, I
Mid America Health (Health Net) 25133   P, I
Mid America Health (Leased PPO) 25147   P
Mid Atlantic Psychiatric Services, Inc. (MAPSI) 52149   P
Mid-America Associates, Inc. 37281   P, I
Mid-Atlantic Health System 63079   P, I
Mid-County Physicians Medical Group- San Diego (SynerMed) SYMED   P
Midland National Insurance Company 90956   P
Midlands Benefits Administrators 47081   P, I
Midlands Choice, Inc. 47080   P, I
Mid-Valley CareNet, Inc 31140   P, I
Midwest Health Plan MHP77   P, I
Mid-West National Life Insurance Co. of Tennessee - Insurance Center 59224   P, I
Midwest Preferred MIDSC   P
Midwest Securities MIDSC   P
Midwest Security Administrators (MSA) MIDSC   P
Midwest Security Insurance Co. (MSIC) MIDSC   P
Mission (St. Joseph Heritage Healthcare) STJOE   P
Mississippi Public Entity Employee Benefit Trust (MPEEBT) 37233   P, I
Mississippi Select Healthcare 64088   P, I
Missoula County Medical Benefits Plan 37275   P, I
Missouri Care 43179   P
MLink 37265   P, I
MMS, LLC 62178   P
Molina Healthcare of California 38333   P, I
Molina Healthcare of Michigan  38334   P, I
Molina Healthcare of New Mexico 09824 Yes P, I
Molina Healthcare of Washington 38336   P, I
Momentum Health Services 72135   P
Montefiore Contract Management Organization 13174 Yes P, I
Monumental Life Insurance Company MMLI3   P, I
Monumental Life Insurance Company MMLIC   P, I
Motion Picture Health Plan MPI01 Yes P
Motorola Inc. 36111   P
Mountain States Administrative Services, Inc. 86040   P, I
Mountian Medical (MMA) COMMA   P
MPLAN, Inc. / HealthCare Group, LLC 95444   P, I
Multicultural Primary Care Medical Group- San Diego (SynerMed) SYMED   P
Multiplan Wisconsin Preferred Provider Network (MWPPN) 34080   P, I
Mutual Assurance Administrators 37256   P
Mutual Benefit (Western Life-Fortis) PH020   P
Mutual Benefit Life (MBL) 70408   P, I
Mutual Group  (US) 59140   P
Mutual Group - TMG Life Insurance Company 70491   P, I
Mutual of Omaha 71412   P, I
Mutually Preferred 71412   P, I
MVP Health Plan of NY 14165 Yes P, I
MVP Health Plan of Ohio 38224   I
N.W. Ironworkers Health & Security Trust Fund 91136   P, I
N.W. Roofers & Employers Health & Security Trust Fund 91136   P, I
N.W. Textile Processors 91136   P, I
NAA (North American Administrators, LP) 65085   P, I
Naperville Health Care Associates NHCA1   P, I
National Benefit Administrators - New Jersey 56175   P, I
National Benefit Administrators - North Carolina 56176   P
National Capital Preferred Provider Organization (NCPPO) 90001   P
National Claim Administration, Inc. 37126   P, I
National Finance Insurance Company 90956   P
National Foundation Life Insurance Company 98205   P
National Rural Electric Coop (NRECA) 52132   P
National Rural Letter Carrier Association (NALC) 71412   P, I
National Rural Letter Carrier Association (NALC/Affordable) 53011   P, I
National Teachers Association (NTA) NTA11   I
National Telecommunications Cooperative Association Staff (NTCA- Staff) 52104   P, I
National Telephone Coop Assoc (NTCA) PV150   P
National Travelers Life Company 37120   P, I
Nationwide Health Plans 31417   P, I
NCAS - Charlotte, NC 75191   P, I
NCAS - Fairfax, VA  75190   P, I, D
NCAS - Owings Mills, MD 52118   P
Neighborhood Health Plan (Boston, MA) 04293   P, I
Neighborhood Health Providers & Suffolk Health Plan 11325 Yes P, I
Nesika Health Group 37255   P, I
Netcare Life and Health Insurance 66055   P, I
Network Health Solutions 39144   P
Nevada Care 86067   P
New England Financial 80705   P, I
New Era Life Insurance Company 75281   P, I
New Market Dimensions 65056   P, I
New World Claims Services 38332   P, I
New York 36335   P
New York Hospital Community Health Plan 13373   P, I
New York Life - LTC NYL11   P, I
New York Medical Imaging - MVP 14179   P
New York Network Management 11334   P
New York Presbyterian Community Health Plan 48186   P, I
New York State Employees (Empire) 65978   I
NGS American Inc. 38225   P, I
NHC Health Benefit Plan 62124   P, I
Nippon Life Insurance Company of America 81264   P, I
NJ Carpenters Health Fund 22603   P
Noble AMA 33029   P
North American Administrators, Inc. 64157   P
North American Administrators, LP 65085   P
North American Benefits Network (NABN) 34159   P, I
North American Medical Management – Illinois (NAMM) 36398   P
North American Medical Management (NAMM) - Northern CA E3510   P
North Broward Hospital District Fort Lauderdale 37314   P, I
North Texas Healthcare Network 35212   P, I
North Texas Healthcare Network (NTHN) NTX11   P, I
North West Life PH018   P
Northern California Sheet Metal Workers Insurance Plan 38238   P
Northern Nevada Trust Fund 88027   P
Northwest Suburban IPA (IL) 36346   P, I
Northwestern National Life (Reliastar) 41045   P
Nova Healthcare Administrators, Inc. (Grand Island, NY) 16644   P, I
NovaSys Health Network 71080   P, I
Nyhart 37299   P, I
NYLCare Ethix Northwest 91135   I
NYLCare Health Plans Northwest 91166   I
NYMI Oxford 14180   P
Ochsner Health Plan 72127 Yes P, I
ODS Health Plan 13350 Yes P, I
OEA Choice Trust 13350   P, I
Office of Administrator - Washington DC 13310   P
Office of Group Benefits 72087   P
Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation 31147   P
Ohio Health Choice, PPO 34189   P, I
Olympic Health Management Systems, Inc. 91151   P, I
Omnicare Health Plan of Michigan 38252   P, I
Omnicare, A Coventry Health Plan 25150   P, I
One Health Plan (All 50 States) 80705   P, I
One Health Plan of California, Inc. 95379   P
One Health Plan of Georgia, Inc. 95569   P
One Health Plan of Illinois, Inc. 95388   P
Operating Engineers Locals 302 & 612 Health & Security Fund 91136   P, I
OptiCare Eye Health Network 56190   P
Optima Health Insurance Co. 54154   P, I
Optimum Choice of Pennsylvania 52151   P
Optimum Choice of the Carolinas (OCCI) 52152   P, I
Optimum Choice, Inc (OCI) 52148   P, I
Option Services Group 37125   P, I
OrthoNet Corporation - Cigna 13381   P
OSF Care Advantage OSFMC   P
OSF Health Plans (Peoria, IL) 62171   P,I
OSG - St. Therese  Physicians Association 37116   P, I
Oxford Health Plans 06111 Yes P, I
P5 Health Plan Solutions of Utah 87068   P, I
Pacific Alliance Medical Group and Hospital (SynerMed) SYMED   P
Pacific Life & Annuity Company 67466   P, I
PacifiCare - (HMO Claims) 95959   P
PacifiCare - (HMO, POS, Medicare + Choice, Managed Care Plan) 95959   P
PacifiCare (HMO, EPO, Medicare + Choice) 95964   P
PacifiCare (PPO, SDHP, EPO, Indemnity) 95999   P, I
Pacificare Behavioral Health (PBH) 33053   P
PacifiCare Encounters 95958   P
PacifiCare Encounters 95965   P
PacifiCare of Oregon and Washington 77042   P
PacifiCare PPO - All States 95999   P
PacifiCare/Secure Horizons 95959   P
PacificSource Health Plans 93029   P, I
Parity Healthcare, LLC. 58204   P
Parkland Community Health Plan 66917   P, I
Parkland Health First 66917 Yes P, I
Partners National Health Plans of North Carolina, Inc. 56152   P, I
Partnership Health Plan PHC100680301406   P
Passport Advantage 12B86   I
Passport Advantage SX154   P
Passport Health Plan 61129   P, I
Patient Advocates, Inc. 10525   P,I
Patient Choice 39026   P, I
Patient-Physician Network (PPN) PPN11   P
PAYNET, INC 37210   P, I
PCA Health Plan of Florida 65018 Yes P
PCA of Texas (Humana) 61101   P, I
PCA Star Medicaid 61101   P, I
PCCSelect  73145   P, I
PCMC/ICSL Allergy 65000   P
PCMC/ICSL Chiropractic 65007   P
PCMC/ICSL Dermatology 65001   P
PCMC/ICSL Gastroenterology 65003   P
PCMC/ICSL Podiatry 65002   P
Peoples Benefit Life Insurance PBLIC   P, I
Peoples Health Network (Kenner, LA) 72126   P, I
Personal Physician Care 34173   P
PersonalCare 25146   P, I
PHA Admin Services - Prime Health of Alabama 63088   P, I
PHA Insurance Services 95183   P, I
Phifer Wire Products, Inc. PHIF4   P, I
Phoenix Group Services (Texas) 75238   P, I
Phoenix Health Plan 3440   P
Phoenix Healthcare 62153   P, I
Phoenix Home Life 67814   P, I
Phoenix Mutual 67814   P
PHP of Kansas, ASK 00023   P
PHP of Mid-Michigan 87726   P, I
PHP of South Carolina 87726   P, I
PHP of South Michigan 87726   P, I
PHP of Southwest Michigan 87726   P, I
PHP of West Michigan 87726   P, I
Physician Associates of Louisiana 58204   P
Physicians Care Network (PCN) 57098   P, I
Physicians Care Network (Rockford, IL only) 36345   P, I
Physicians Corporation of America (Florida Plan Only) 65018   P
Physicians Health Association of Illinois 37136   P, I
Physicians Health Choice - Claims PHCS1   P, I
Physicians Health Choice - Encounters PHCEN   P, I
Physicians Healthcare Plans, Inc. 65031   P
Physicians Mutual Insurance Company 47027   P
Physicians Plus Insurance Corporation 39156   P, I
Piedmont Administrators 56205   P, I
Pinnacle Claims Management, Inc 24735   P, I
Pioneer Medical Group / Pioneer Physicians Network 33029   P
Pipefitters Local 597 59700   P, I
Pipeline Industry Benefit Fund (Tulsa, OK) 73074   P, I
Pittman & Associates 37224   P
Planned Administrators, Inc. (PAI) 37287   P, I
PM Group 67466   P, I
Podi Care Managed Care 58204   P
Poly America Medical Benefits Plan 32680   P, I
POMCO 16111   P, I
PPO Oklahoma  73159   P
PPO Plus, LLC 59333   P, I
PPO Plus, LLC 72148   P, I
PPOM (Southfield, MI) 38335   P, I
Practicare, Inc. 04334   P
Prairie States Enterprises, Inc. 36373   P, I
Preferred Benefit Administrators 53476   P, I
Preferred Care Inc. - Florida 59291   P, I
Preferred Care Inc. - North Carolina 56178   P, I
Preferred Care Partners 65088   P, I
Preferred Community Choice / PCCSelect / CompMed 73145   P, I
Preferred Health Network (PHN) 35173   P, I
Preferred Health Plan (Louisville, KY) 61106   P, I
Preferred Health Professionals 31478   P, I
Preferred Health Systems Insurance Company 60110   P, I
Preferred Network Access, Inc. (Darien, IL) 36401   P
Preferred One (CT), a Division of First Choice 14162   P
Preferred One (MN) 41147   P, I
Preferred Plus of Kansas PPK 60110   P, I
Premier Benefits, Inc. 43166   P, I
Premier Health Network 37119   P, I
Premier Health Plan 43166   P, I
Premier Health Plans MER11   P
Presbyterian Health Plan (Commercial) PREHP   P, I
Presbyterian Salud! PRESA   P, I
Prevea Health Insurance Plan 39185   P
Primary Delivery Systems 61101   P, I
Primary Health Plan PRIME   P
Primary Medical Care PMC11   P
Primary PhysicianCare, Inc. 56144   P, I
Prime Benefits System 61101   P, I
Prime Care Health Plan UH015   P
Prime Health Management Services 61101   P, I
Prime Health of Kansas 61101   P, I
Prime Vision Health 56190   P
Prime West Health Plan 61604   P, I
PrimeCare of Chino Valley 33029   P
PrimeCare of Corona 33029   P
PrimeCare of Hemet Valley 33029   P
PrimeCare of Inland Valley 33029   P
PrimeCare of Moreno Valley 33029   P
PrimeCare of Redlands 33029   P
PrimeCare of Riverside 33029   P
PrimeCare of Sun City 33029   P
PrimeCare of Temecula 33029   P
PrimeSource Health Network  04320   P, I
Principal  Mutual Life Insurance Company 61271   P, I
Principal Financial Group 61271   P, I
Principal Healthcare 61271   P, I
Principal Life Insurance Company 61271   P, I
Printing Industry of Southern California (PIASC) 87056   P
Priority Health 38217   P
Prism - First Health 37303   P
Prism - Univera 37315   P, I
Prism Network, Inc. 37268   P
Pro Health CompCare 31132   P
Professional Benefit Administrators 59296   P
Professional Benefit Administrators, Inc. (Oak Brook, IL) 36331   P, I
Professional Benefits Administrators (Cuyahoga Falls, OH) 34176   P
Professional Claim Administrators (ProClaim) 41163   P, I
Professional Claims Management 37242   P, I
Professional Risk Management 34134   P
Promina 58226   P, I
Pronet 51032   P, I
Providence Choice Option PHP01   P
Providence Good Health Plan PHP01   P
Provident Life and Accident Insurance 68195   P, I
Provident Preferred of Washington/First Choice Health Network 91131   P, I
Provider Networks of America (PRO-NET) 51032   P, I
Puget Sound Benefits Trust 91136   P, I
Puget Sound Electrical Workers Trust 91136   P, I
Pyramid Benefits 91954   P
Qual Choice of Arkansas 35174 Yes P, I
Qual Choice of North Carolina 35172   P
Qual Choice of Virginia 35171   P, I
QualCare, Inc 23342   P, I
Qual-Med Colorado EPO QMDCE   P
Qual-Med New Mexico QUANM   P, I
Qual-Med Plans for Health 22340   P
Qual-Med Portland (PO) QMDPO   P
Quincy Health Care Management, Inc. 37129   P, I
R. E. Harrington, Inc. 95266   I
Randmark, Inc. 61101   P, I
RBMS, LLC 91176   P, I, D
Redlands IPA (Synermed) SYMED   P
Regional Care, Inc. 47076   P, I
Reynolds and Reynolds 37270   P, I
Rio Grande HMO G84980 Yes P, I
River Quest Network, Inc. 37129   P, I
RMSCO, INC. (Liverpool, NY) 16117   P, I
Robert Kennedy IPA 33029   P
Rockwell International 75196   I
Rocky Mountain Health Plan 86045   I
Rooney Life Inc 37602   P, I
Rosemont of Des Plaines, IL 36215   I
Rush Prudential 68241   P, I
Rush Prudential Health Plans (HMO Only) 36389   P, I
S & S Healthcare Strategies 31441   P
Sagamore Health Network 35164   P, I
SAMBA (Special Agents Mutual Benefit Association) 37259   P, I
San Francisco Electrical Workers Health & Welfare 37236   P, I
San Luis Obispo (SLO) Select IPA 33029   P
Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital 37288   P, I
Santa Barbara Regional Health Authority 953865941   P
Sanus - HMO/PPO St. Louis 63665   P, I
SCAN Health Plan SCAN1   P
SCHC Total Care Inc. (Acceptius Gateway payer) 16146   P
Scott & White Healthcare 88030 Yes P, I
Seaview IPA SVIPA   P
Secure Health Plans of Georgia, LLC 28530   P, I
SecureCare of Iowa 42142   P
Security Health Plan 39045   P, I
Select Administrative Services (SAS) 64088   P
Select Benefit Administrators (Des Moines, Iowa) 42137   P, I
Select Benefit Administrators of America (Ashland, WI) 37282   P
Select Health of South Carolina 23285   P
Selectcare 00014   P
SelectCare of Texas (Beaumont) GTPA1   P
SelectCare of Texas (Houston) HPN11   P
SelectCare of Texas (Kelsey-Sebold) KLSY1   P
Self Insured Benefit Administrators (Clearwater, FL) 59111   P
Self Insured Plans 36404   P, I
Self-Funded Plans (IL, PA, OH) 34131   P, I
Sentara Family Care 54154   P, I
Sentara Health Management 54154   P, I
Sentinel Management Services 23249   P
Seton Employee Plan SHEBP   P, I
Seton Health Plan - Exclusive Provider Network EPNSH   P, I
Seton Health Plan - Map Program SHMAP   P, I
Seton Health Plan - Star Medicaid SET22   P
Seton Health Plan (CHIP) SHPCH Yes P, I
Share Health Plan - ILL/HMO UH005   P
Share Health Plan - ILL/PPO UH006   P
Shasta Administrative Services 75280   P, I
Sheet Metal Workers Local 91 SMW91   P, I
Sierra Health Services (Claims) 76342   P, I
Sierra Health Services (Encounters) 76343   P, I
Signature Health Alliance 62159   P
Sinclair Health Plan 84076   P, I
Sloans Lake Managed Care 84096   P, I
Smith Administrators 02057   P, I
Sonoma County Primary Care IPA Medical E3510 Yes P
Sooner Health Network - (Wisconsin) AMS01   P
Sound Health (Providence) 91131   P, I
SouthCare/Healthcare Preferred 25147   P, I
Southeast Medical Alliance 72112   I
Southern CA Children's Network (Synermed) SYMED   P
Southern Desert Health Plan - (Wisconsin) AMS01   P
Southern Health Services, Inc. 25128   P, I
Southwest Administrators SWADM   P
Southwest Service Life 37266   P
Special Risk International 52190   P, I
St. Barnabas System Health Plan 22240   P, I
St. John's Claims Administration 37264   P, I
St. Joseph Health Foundation of Northern California 68033   P
St. Joseph Heritage Healthcare STJOE   P
St. Jude (St. Joseph Heritage Healthcare) STJOE   P
St. Therese Physician Association 37116   P, I
St. Thomas Medical Network (Gulfquest) STM01   P
St. Vincent Catholic Medical Centers 13407   P, I
Star HRG 59225   P
Star Medicaid 75202 Yes P
State Employees Group Benefits 72087   P, I
State Farm Insurance Companies 31053   P, I
States General Life Insurance 75087   P
Staywell Health Plan 14163   P
Sterling and Sterling 06089   P, I
Sterling Option 1 91151   P, I
Stoner and Associates (Cincinnati, OH) 31121   P, I
Stowe Associates (Atlanta, GA) 58128   P
Student Insurance - Boston Mutual Life Insurance Co. 74227   P
Student Insurance - Chesapeake Life Insurance Company 74227   P
Student Insurance - Life Ins. Co. of Boston and NY 74227   P
Student Insurance - Mid-West Nat'l Life Ins. Co. of TN 74227   P
Student Insurance - Reliance National Insurance Co. 74227   P
Suffolk Health Plan of New York 88331   P, I
SummaCare Health Plans 95202   P, I
Summit America Insurance Services, Inc. 37301   P, I
Sunamerica Life Insurance Company 90956   P
Superior Benefits (Santa Ana, CA) 23218   P
Superior Health Plan SHP11 Yes P, I
Superior Health Plan CHIPS EPO SHP11 Yes P, I
Superior Health Plan of Texas 39188 Yes P, I
Sutter Connect 68-0209157   P
Sutter Connect Alta Bates - California 68-0209157   P
Sutter Connect Santa Rosa Network - California 68-0209157   P
Sutter Connect Solano Regional Medical - California 68-0209157   P
Sutter Connect Sutter Gould Med Fdn - California 68-0209157   P
Sutter Connect Sutter Health Central - California 68-0209157   P
Sutter Connect Yolo Health Alliance - California 68-0209157   P
Synermed SYMED   P
Tarrant Health Services 37228   P
TBG Administrative Services 39157   P, I
Teachers Health Trust 88019   P
Team Choice - Alpha Care Gold ADSL1   P, I
Team Choice - Gold 75139   P, I
Team Choice PNS 75133   P, I
Team Choice UMC 75134   P, I
Teamcare 36215   P, I
Teamsters Local Union #301 36612   P, I
Tennessee Benefit Administrators 37293   P, I
Tennessee John Deere Health Plan 95378   P
Tennessee PHP TennCare 62155   P, I
Texan Plus (Beaumont) GTPA1   P
Texan Plus (Houston) HPN11   P, I
Texan Plus (Kelsey-Sebold) KLSY1   P, I
Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) TTASB   P, I
Texas Children Star Medicaid TXCSM Yes P
Texas Children’s Health Plan 76048   P, I
Texas Municipal League Group 74214   P, I
Texas True Choice TTCEC   P, I
Texas University Plan - UPG Commercial UPGUT   P
The Epoch Group 28777   P, I
The Healthcare Group 35206   P, I
The Integrity Benefit Network, Inc. (Marietta GA) 58200   P, I
The Mega Life & Health Insurance Co. 59221   P, I
The New England 66893   P
The Oath for Louisiana 72112   P
The Oath of Alabama 63092 Yes P
The Preferred Healthcare System - PPO 04320   P, I
The TPA (Benesight) 87265   P
The Wellness Plan 38200   P, I
Theraphysics THERA   P
Theraphysics - Colorado Only COTHE   P
Third Party Administrators, Inc. (TPA) 37225   P, I
Third Party Claims Management 95266   P, I
Three Rivers Health Plan, Inc. 25175   P, I
TML Intergovernmental Employee Benefit Pool 74214   P, I
Tongass Timber Trust 92620   P, I
Tooling & Manufacturing Assn 61425   P, I
Total Claims, Inc / North Broward Hospital District Fort Lauderdale 37314   P, I
Touchstone Health/ Health Net Smart Choice 13402   P, I
Tower Life Insurance Co. 69493   P, I
TR Paul, Inc. 37230   P, I
TransAmerica Life Financial Insurance Company TFLIC   P, I
TransAmerica Life Insurance Company 59222   P
TransAmerica Life Insurance Company TLIN2   P, I
TransAmerica Life Insurance Company TLINS   P, I
TransAmerica Life Insurance Company TSAA2   P, I
TransAmerica Occidental Life Insurance Company TOLI2   P, I
TransChoice - Key Benefit Administrators 37284   P, I
Transwestern Insurance Admin, Inc. TRAN1   P
Triad Healthcare, Inc. (Plainville, CT) 39181   P, I
Tricare, Palmetto GBA, North & South 614 Yes P
Tricare/Champus, Palmetto 614 Yes P
TriWest WESTR Yes P
True Choice USA  TCUSA   P, I
True Choice USA - Christus Health Plan TCUCH   P, I
Trusted Plans Service Corporation 91078   P, I
Trustmark  61425   P, I
Trustmark Insurance Co (Benefit Trust Life) 61425   P, I
TTPA Comm 76054   P, I
Tufts Health Plan 04298   P, I
TXEN AltPros 75206   P
UBH - United Behavioral Health (Health Plan HMO) 87726   P, I
UCSF/CSL Pulmonary 65006   P
UGS Medicare 00450 Yes I
UHP of New Jersey (Centene) 22329   P
UICI Administrators  75240   P
UICI Administrators - Nevada 75245   P, I
UMWA Health & Retirement Funds 52180   P, I
UniCare - Major Accounts 80314   P, I
Unified Health Services 62170   P, I
Uniform Medical Plan/ Harrington Benefit Services 75243   P, I
Uniformed Service Family Health Plan 13407   P, I
Union Labor Life Insurance Company (King of Prussia, PA) 13142   P
Union Pacific Railroad Employees 87042   P
United Behavioral Health –Employer division (UBH) UBHRI   P
United Benefits/ Poe & Brown 59069   P, I
United Food & Commercial Workers (UFCW) UFCW1   P, I
United Furniture Workers Insurance UFWIF   P
United Group Services (UGS) 35198   P
United Healthcare 87726   P, I
United Healthcare of Florida 87726   P, I
United Medical Resources 31107   P, I
United of Omaha 71412   P, I
United Physicians of N. Colorado 84132   P
United Resources Network 41194   P, I
United States Life Insurance Company 13545   P
UnitedHealthcare (Metrahealth) 87726   P, I
UnitedHealthcare (Travelers) 87726   P, I
UnitedHealthcare of the Mid-Atlantic 87726   P, I
UnitedHealthcare of the Midlands HMO (Choice, Select) 87726   P, I
UnitedHealthcare of the Midwest 87726   P, I
UnitedHealthcare of Upstate New York 87726   P, I
UnitedHealthcare Plans of Puerto Rico 87726   P, I
Unity/Precision Health Plans AMS01   P
Universal Care-California 33001   P, I
Universal Care-Tennessee 33002   P, I
Universal Health Care, Inc. (St. Petersburg, FL) 50528   P, I
Universal Standard Healthcare, Inc 38298   P
University Family Care - Healthcare Group 07503   P
University Family Care - Maricopa Health Plan 09908 Yes P
University Health Plan  58248   P
University Health Plan Medicaid 58247   P
University Health Plan of New Jersey 59000   P, I
University of Washington Students & Graduate Students 91136   P, I
UPMC Health Plan (Commercial) 23281   P, I
Upper Peninsula Health Plan 38337   P, I
US Benefits 93092   P, I
US Family Health TX & LA FUSFHP   P
US/Healthcare (HMO) 23222   P, I
USAA (United States Automobile Association) 74095   P, I
USC Health Services USC11   P
USFHP-St. Vincent Catholic Medical Center 13407   P, I
Utilmed 36369   P
Valley Baptist Health Plan 94999   P
Valley Health Plan - CHDP 94600533CH Yes P
Valley Health Plan - Commercial 946000533C Yes P
Valley Health Plan - Managed Care 946000533 Yes P
Valley of the Moon IP044   P
Value Options FHC &Affiliates Yes P
Vanderbilt Health Plan 23173   P
Vanguard Health Systems (SynerMed) SYMED   P
Vantage Health Plan, Inc. 72128   P
Vencor 61101   P
VHP Community Care 23173   P, I
Virginia Fee Basis Programs 12115   P, I
Vision Care Incorporated 37297   P
Vista Health Plan 55248   P, I
Vytra Healthcare 22264   P, I
W.C. Beeler & Company 62111   P
Wal-Mart  75257   P
Wal-Mart (Blue Card Carriers) G84980   P, I
Washington Employer's Trust 37294   P
Waterloo Municipal Employees Health Plan OBALB   P, I
Waterstone Benefits Administration (Oklahoma City, OK) 73155   P, I
Watkins Associated Industries, Inc. 58082   P, I
Wausau Benefits, Inc. 39026   P, I
WEA Insurance Group 39151   P, I
WEBTPA 75261   P, I
Well Path of Carolina 25129   P, I
Wellcare HMO, Inc. 14163   P, I
Wellcare of CT and NY Only 14164   P, I
WellMed (Claims) WELM2   P, I
WellMed (Encounters) WELMD   P
WellMed/Secure Horizons WELM2   P
Wels Benefit Plan Office 22925   P, I
West Coast Stationary Engineers Hlth & Sec. Trust Fund 91136   P, I
Western Care 70408   P, I
Western Growers Assurance Trust 24735   P
Western Growers Insurance Company 24735   P
Western Health Inc 37306   P, I
Western Life Insurance Company 70408   P, I
Western Mutual Insurance / WMI-TPA 37247   P, I
Western Southern Financial Group--Cincinnati OH 31048   P, I
Westlake Financial Group WESTL   P
Weyco Inc 38232   P
William J. Sutton & Company 98010   P
Windsor Medicare Extra 62153   P, I
Winhealth Partners WNHLT   P
Winterbrook Healthcare 73159   P
Wisconsin Auto & Truck Dealers Insurance Plan  39200   P
Wisconsin Employers Group 61101   P
Woodman Accident and Life Company 81949   P
Workers Comp - West Virginia, (ASC) WVWCOMP Yes P
Worker's Compensation - Texas TWCCP   P
World Insurance Company 75276   P, I
Writer's Guild 62413   P, I
Writer's Guild Industry Health Plan 23710   P, I
Wyoming Blue Shield, Noridian 00320 Yes P
Wyoming Medicare, Noridian 00320 Yes P
Xantus Healthplan of Tennessee 62153   P, I
Yale New Haven Health - MSO INC 06121   P, I
Yorba Park (St. Joseph Heritage Healthcare) STJOE   P
Payer ID: ID for electronic transactions
Enroll Reqd: Payer requires enrollment - contact Veredi customer support
Record Type: I = 837 Institutional, P = 837 Professional, D = 837 Dental