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What is Pro837TM?

What is included in "Clearinghouse Services"?

What types of files must be produced by the payer to use ProRemitTM?

Who maintains care, custody and control of payer funds?

What is the process from the payer standpoint?

What is the banking process from the payer standpoint?

Does use of ProRemitTM require any special equipment?

Must providers accept data electronically?

Is the CashTechCardTMactually a credit card?

What is the CashTechCardTM?

How can I use the CashTechCardTM?

What should I do when the merchant's sales terminal asks to select the "Debit" or "Credit" button?

Where is the CashTechCardTMaccepted?

What can the CashTechCardTMbe used for in my company?

What are "Rules Engine Programs"?

Must providers accept electronic funds transfer deposits to use ProRemitTM?

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