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HT Solution

Everyone wins with the HT Solution.

HT provides what is missing from the health care industry: a consolidated payments system and data management infrastructure that supports the simplified collection, storage, retrieval, dissemination of core clinical and administrative data. HT automates a significant administrative element of the practice of medicine for providers, and payers doing so without the parties having to make any significant investments in technology.

HT ties together patients, providers and payers across multitudes of provider and payer organizations. HT enhances workflow; decreases administrative and clerical overhead; supports strict, easy to implement, data and transaction confidentiality; is extremely easy to use, with minimal training required of end users; is configurable to different uses by different segments of the health care industry; and provides a very low barrier to adoption i.e. low cost and high convenience.

HT interacts and interfaces with existing products so that health care providers and organizations do not have to purchase or utilize multiple solutions to accomplish the job of administrative and clinical care information automation.

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