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The notion of cost control in the healthcare industry has not moved far beyond capping medical expenditures. Comparatively little effort has been expended to control the administrative costs, which often constitute over half the total costs of healthcare. This burden is particularly onerous for providers, consuming over 40% of their total revenues. Currently, reducing these costs is receiving more attention, since the possibilities of reducing payments to providers have reached an end. HIPAA has contributed to the focus on reducing administrative costs. Reducing these costs is an ideal application of information technology. Heuristic Technologies reduces administrative costs for the Physician’s office, the Hospital, and the Insurance Company.

Heuristic Technologies, Inc. (HT) is focused on the development and implementation of technology that powers financial and administrative processing services in the $1.5 trillion United States healthcare industry. HT has developed and implemented processes that address the “front end” involving the interaction among the employer, patient and provider as well as the “back end” that reduces the costs and improves the efficiency of moving data so that it is available where needed, when needed.

HT serves the needs of the Three Ps of healthcare: Patients, Providers and Payers. It provides simplification, convenience, greater efficiency and lower costs. HT’s systems provide a ‘win-win-win’ solution for all the parties of the healthcare delivery system.

HT provides the capacity to completely integrate these services into a single, turnkey solution that can be merged into any healthcare provider or payer management system. Our solutions will interact with the existing systems architecture to increase confidence that the product suite will 1) meet business and clinical needs, and 2) operate within individual environments without placing the organization at risk.

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