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HT Solution


provides additional options for traditional HIPAA 270 eligibility processes. Identifies current carrier for your patient, regardless of information provided. Provides immediate response regarding coverage.


is the state of the art in claims scrubbing and clearing technology. Reduces first claim (HIPAA 837) rejects from between 30% - 40% to 3% or less! Almost completely eliminates the need to reprocess rejected claims.


provides an easy and efficient way to electronically deliver claims to all healthcare paying organizations (3rd party payers).


optimizes processes for remittance (HIPAA 835) and health care provider payments without sacrificing your operational control.


is a stored value Mastercard Card* providing a simple, cost-efficient way to pay employees and vendors. Provides an efficient payment vehicle and employee retention tool. Provides greater financial control for corporate expenses. *CashTech.CardTM issued by MetaBank pursuant to a license from MasterCard International.

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